AI, Ethics & Public Media – Spotlighting Bayerischer Rundfunk

AI, Ethics & Public Media – Spotlighting Bayerischer Rundfunk


From the EBU Academy School of AI and EBU AI & Data Initiative, we invite you to the first of a series of free sessions to meet the professionals who are paving the way for an ethical use of AI in their organization.

AI tools offer great opportunities to help media professionals create innovative content for their audiences and tackle repetitive tasks more efficiently. But the use of AI comes with ethical challenges, especially for Public Media broadcasters whose main asset is the trust that their audiences have in them. For most public media professionals, it’s still unchartered territory.

A few EBU Members, though, have been trialling AI tools for some time in their organization. Doing so, they started designing guidelines and AI literacy actions so that they could empower their colleagues while making sure the use of AI remains responsible, transparent, and aligned with their public media values.

Each session will feature a different expert guest who will be interviewed by our host, Head of EBU Academy, Justin Kings. Following a short interview, we will open the virtual floor to your questions. We are happy to welcome our first guest on the series, Ulrike Köppen, Head of AI and Automation Lab, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany

What you will learn

  • Insights in the collective thinking process that led to Bayerischer Rundfunk’s first set of AI Ethics guidelines back in 2020,
  • BR’s current ethical framework and the dilemmas and challenges BR professionals have faced,
  • An opportunity to discuss challenges and dilemmas with peers and experts in a safe and trusted environment.
  • Insights in how experts envision the future of AI

Meet your faculty

Ulrike Köppen

Head of AI and Automation Lab

Uli Köppen is Head of the AI + Automation Lab and Co-Lead of the investigative data team BR Data at German Public Broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. She and her teams are investigating AI and automation for algorithmic accountability reporting as well as using this technology for data-driven journalistic products. The teams are building on the lab experience to form a strategy for using AI and automation for journalism.