Skill up, Speak out and Raise your International Profile

Skill up, Speak out and Raise your International Profile


The e-Master Class will give you the tools you need to develop your personal brand and raise your international profile.

The course will help you strengthen your public speaking, moderation and networking skills, a pre-requisite to become a confident representative of your Member organization in expert groups, communities of practice and collaborative development initiatives.

You will also get an opportunity to develop your professional network, discuss professional challenges with peers and talents and become an active contributor to the work of EBU Technology & Innovation.


Professionals who are looking to broaden their professional scope and develop their international professional profile, their presentation skills and their networking & facilitation abilities.

  • EBU Members only
  • Broadcast media engineers, technologists,
  • Strategists Change managers,
  • Creatives, innovators & R&D experts from EBU Members


  • Develop public speaking skills, moderation, networking and influencing skills
  • Acquire skills and tools to become a more confident contributor in an international and multicultural professional environment.


Module 1 Developing your personal brand

  • Where you are now, what you love, what’s your vision for your future
  • Your values
  • Your unique skills and experiences, why you are valued
  • Writing your ‘story’

Module 2 - Presentation skills

  • Who is your audience?
  • What’s your message?
  • The power of stories in communication
  • On stage presence

Module 3 - Networking and influencing skills

  • Your networking goals
  • Network analysis
  • The power of listening
  • Building rapport
  • Maintaining your network


Between sessions and in their own time, trainees may be asked to work on their own or in small groups on a few tasks