Make Chat GPT Your Personal Assistant - No Matter What Your Job Is!

Make Chat GPT Your Personal Assistant - No Matter What Your Job Is!


In Public Media, ChatGPT is still mostly seen as a tool for journalists. But the famous Gen AI tool is not just for News professionals. One can use it as an assistant for various non-journalistic tasks and different roles to enhance creativity, efficiency and streamline repetitive tasks.

In this course, you will go over the basics of ChatGPT when used in a professional environment, understand how to make it your personal AI assistant and design a prompt that meets your specific needs.

Who it is for

  • Media professionals from all backgrounds who want to learn how to use AI in a useful, practical and ethical way in their professional role 

What you will learn

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and basic prompting
  • What are the tasks you can ask your AI assistant to do, or not!
  • Design your prompt to meet your specific AI need
  • How to integrate ChatGPT in your workflow


Meet your faculty

Jyri Kivimäki

AI Coach

Jyri Kivimäki is an AI Coach at Yle, the Finnish Public Media Company and an expert on how to take advantage of AI in everyday work. Jyri has worked for many years as a multiplatform sports journalist, editor and producer. Over the past year, Jyri has been active demystifying AI, training & coaching colleagues from the newsroom to all corners of the media company. Jyri excels in making AI accessible and relatable to individuals across all skill levels.