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  • Digital Technologies

    Preparing Your Move to Live IP TV Production

    Includes certification
  • Executive Programme

    Management & Leadership

    Executive Programme Alumni Reunion

  • Authoring & Programming

    Creating Engaging Visual Content for Social Media

    Includes certification
  • Master Class

    Brands & Values

    Scenario planning

  • Executive Programme

    Management & Leadership

    Executive Programme

    Includes certification
  • e-Master Class

    News & Journalism

    TikTok and News

  • 11 Sep

    e-Master Class

    Authoring & Programming

    Making Creative Use of Archive Content

  • e-Master Class

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Authoring & Programming

Harness the power of mobile journalism and online storytelling using video, audio, pictures and interactive components.

Brands & Values

Understand your market and audience motivations with insights into consumption patterns, new contents and the use of data.

Digital Technologies

Connect with digital audiences and learn how new technologies and tools can shape digital workflows and practices. Create cross-professional communities of practice within an integrated broadcast environment.

Management & Leadership

Create a vision! Become a more effective manager and shape the future success of your organization. This portfolio includes a mini-MBA for top media executives.

News & Journalism

Master the skills needed for a multiplatform digital environment. Innovate your news production and create compelling stories to leave your audience feeling empowered.

Safety & Security

Learn to stay safe training in high-level simulations of hostile environments. Address corporate-level security issues such as crisis management and cyber and physical security.

We give you hands-on skills for a sustainable future by tackling the urgent and important issues for public service media today.

Nathalie Labourdette
Head of EBU Academy

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  • Define & Move

    Define where you are and anticipate how to move your career and company forward.

  • Stay Agile

    Stay agile and in-demand even when the market changes.

  • Experiment & Learn

    Experiment with new ideas in a risk free space and learn from the world's best to leverage your talent, time and money.

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  • Cardiif
  • Constructive Institute
  • IESE
  • Rca
  • INA
  • Objective
  • UCLA
  • Oxford Saïd Business School
  • Columbia Journalism School
  • EDHEC Business School
  • Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS)
  • Columbia University

I really appreciated the e-Master Class and the approach of Mark as an experienced storyteller - he mentioned all the right hooks on how to use archive content creatively and was really an inspiration to me, especially on the new forms of interactive channels.

EBU Academy is flexible, fast and understanding in recognizing HRT's needs which should be aligned with media trends. Our most recent collaboration has helped us develop not only skills but also foster socio-educational and personal development by meeting colleagues, co-workers and trainers no matter where they are geographically placed.