A Journalist’s Guide to Using AI in the Newsroom


Launching to coincide with a new EBU News Report, “Trusted News in the era of Generative AI”, it’s clear that that Artificial Intelligence is playing a bigger and bigger role in newsrooms and journalists need to keep up to date and understand how AI is impacting their work.

In this course you will gain an overview of what journalists need to know to fully embrace AI in the newsroom: how AI – and Gen AI - technologies work, what it means for Public Service Media, the ethical challenges they create as well as the latest trends.

Through practical use cases, you will discover the latest best practices; see how AI can help make content more accessible or debunk fake news. You will also review the key AI tools that can best assist you in your work and when not to use AI. In addition, hands-on exercises will give you a chance to practice your abilities, including prompting.

Who is it for

  • Journalists and Editors

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to AI and why it matters to Public Media and journalists
  • Generative AI and where it can play a role
  • How newsrooms are implementing AI tools 
  • Tools to help you in your daily workflow - Case study: AIDITOR, ORF (Winner of EBU Technology and Innovation Award 2024) with guest speaker, Stefan Kollinger, Innovation officer, ORF

 Day 2

  • How to maintain ethics while keeping up with AI trends
  • Using AI as an assistant – including practical exercise
  • Combating misinformation & disinformation with guest speaker, Derek Bowler, Head of Social Newsgathering, Eurovision News

Day 3

  • Creating a better user experience with AI
  • Case study: A European Perspective with guest speaker, Belén López Garrido, Editorial Manager for News Strategy and Innovation, Eurovision News
  • Putting what you have learned into practice