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EBU Academy Regional Learning Hubs

The EBU Academy Regional Learning Hubs decentralize programmes and courses, with the aim to be more accessible to Members in terms of affordability and location. EBU Academy will sponsor the delivery of 2 training programmes per year at each hub.

Current Hub

    Georgia Public Broadcasting

    EBU Academy were pleased to open a regional learning hub in Tbilisi in February 2019.

    The signed agreement between GPB and EBU established a strategically located learning hub to provide training to public media professionals from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to participate in free classes conducted by world class experts.

    2021 will focus on mobile journalism and the use of social media in journalistic work, crucial skills necessary for public service media in the area. Faculty member Mark Egan will be offering three sessions on on how to create engaging content for Gen Z audiences in November.

Discover all our offerings

We offer tailored training which is timely and relevant so our Member professionals can be upskilled as they continue their learning journey.

Authoring & Programming

Harness the power of mobile journalism and online storytelling using video, audio, pictures and interactive components.

Digital Technologies

Connect with digital audiences and learn how new technologies and tools can shape digital workflows and practices. Create cross-professional communities of practice within an integrated broadcast environment.

Management & Leadership

Create a vision! Become a more effective manager and shape the future success of your organization. This portfolio includes a mini-MBA for top media executives.

News & Journalism

Master the skills needed for a multiplatform digital environment. Innovate your news production and create compelling stories to leave your audience feeling empowered.

Safety & Security

Learn to stay safe training in high-level simulations of hostile environments. Address corporate-level security issues such as crisis management and cyber and physical security.

Capacity Building

Certain capabilities matter more for performance of public media than others, particularly when combined in the right way. So the bigest challenge is knowing which specific skills matter most to driving performance and how to enhance talents and capabilities within your organization. 

To increase performance, public media need to develop four categories of capabilities:

  • Digital innovation to deliver innovative digital products and services to the audience. 
  • Expertise and management to continuously improve content services like finance, strategy and talent management.
  • Audience driven skills to leverage traditional broadcast services 
  • Maintaining the public media unique selling proposition: to provide trusted and top quality news service. 

To help answer these challenges, EBU Academy can support your organization to develop talent management capabilities and training capacities.

  • Skills

    Identity and nurture the skills your organization needs for future success

  • Evaluation

     Engage the organization into a formal training need assessment using a rigorous performance evaluation system and implement key performance indicators to measure long-term impact of your Academy

  • Development

    Source, manage and organize a training offer that responds to the main and most important skillset of your organization

  • Expertise

    Develop the mindset and create the expertise in-house by training experienced professionals to become confident, successful and expert trainers themselves

Gain today’s most in-demand skills

We believe that learning is a continuous journey that everyone should take advantage of. That’s why we offer focused training, so professionals can sharpen their skills and confidently lead innovation in the media business environment. Driven by the needs of our Members and industry experts, we are able to tailor the learning adventure so everyone benefits now and beyond.