Cybersecurity Essentials for Media Managers

Cybersecurity Essentials for Media Managers


Cyber risks constitute critical business threats for media organizations. They no longer concern IT only. Cyberattacks target non-corporate IT material and humans:  they happen in production where networks, equipment, processes and staff can be subject to malevolent attacks, as well as in distribution, where content is published on an increasing number of potentially vulnerable platforms.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and even more so if you are a manager and a team leader. The Master Class will give you the knowledge and tools that, as a manager, you need to:

  • Understand and learn to identify the risks and how best to mitigate them at your level,
  • Understand and learn key techniques to identify an attack but also to lower its impact,
  • Keep up to date with cybersecurity measures and raise the awareness of your team,
  • Become an active supporter of your broadcaster’s cybersecurity experts & strategy.

Who it is for

  • Media Managers – technologists and non-technologists – who are keen to playing an active part in raising the cybersecurity level of their broadcast organization.
  • IT and Cybersecurity managers.

Skills Learnt

  • Business: Learn how to associate business risks to cyber threats and raise yours and your team’s awareness
  • Safety & Security: Better understand and manage cybersecurity risks and incidents

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to identify and manage business risks,
  • Understand how to manage and secure the “unknown”,
  • Define pertinent Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to assess your cybersecurity level,
  • Learn how cyberattacks can be addressed and mitigated at your level and within your teams; design an incident response strategy and run a tabletop exercise,
  • Make your working process more secure and raise the awareness of your team.

Programme Outline

  • Risk identification and management
    • Why is Cybersecurity seen as a blocker and how to deal with it
    • Business Risk identification and management
    • Visibility: how to protect the unknown?
    • Cybersecurity essential KPIs – exercise
  • Incident Response
    • From preparation to reaction
    • Tabletop exercise
    • Incident response follow up
  • Cybersecurity awareness
    • Training and maintaining skills
    • Keeping up to date
    • Best practices
    • EBU Media Cybersecurity activities


During the course trainees will be asked to work on several short exercises alone or in small groups.


After completing the 3 modules, you will be awarded an EBU Academy Certificate

Meet your faculty

Fabrice Guye

Senior Manager and Business Director

Experienced Senior Manager and Business Director within the Cyber Security field with extended management responsibilities from technical teams to principal consultants: development of strategies, development of products, services and solutions, processes and metrics, staffing plan, recruitment and operational management (cost, budget and efficiency).

Currently General Manager at Senthorus and Leading the strategy, business development, marketing, partnership and sales activities at ELCA Security. Previously Director at Kudelski Security responsible for overseeing all Cybersecurity Advisory Services and Operations activities for the EMEA region. Acting as a trusted advisor for CISOs (from SMB to billion dollars companies).