Effectively Combating Disinformation and Misinformation During Election Seasons - Master Class

Effectively Combating Disinformation and Misinformation During Election Seasons - Master Class


In a time when the rapid spread of false and misleading information influences public opinion, the threat of disinformation and misinformation poses a significant challenge, especially during crucial election seasons. 

The EBU Academy Master Class, ‘Effectively Combating Disinformation and Misinformation During Election Seasons’, is a hands-on, interactive workshop designed to equip participants with the skills and strategies to monitor and combat disinformation and misinformation during elections. 

Organised in collaboration with Eurovision News, the leader of its Social Newswire, Derek Bowler will expertly guide participants through practical exercises and theory discussion.

Attendees will delve into the nuances of disinformation and misinformation to understand the potential impact on elections and explore proactive methodologies to mitigate these effects in their newsrooms and among their audiences. 

The Master Class will also explore how to create engaging narratives to help audiences understand the skilled work done by journalists in verifying or debunking information. 

Who it's for

  • Broadcast news editors
  • Broadcast news journalists
  • Social media news editors
  • Social media news journalists
  • News content strategies
  • Digital forensics experts
  • Educators and researchers

What you will learn

Fact-Checking and Debunking Skills: 

  • Identifying and recognising disinformation 
  • Using fact-checking methodologies 
  • Verifying information through digital footprinting 
  • Debunking techniques 
  • Ethical considerations in fact-checking 

Digital Forensics and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Skills: 

  • Gathering information through social footprinting 
  • Analysing digital traces and online platforms 
  • Investigating online communities 
  • Building digital personas 

AI-Generated Content Detection Skills: 

  • Understanding AI-generated content 
  • Identifying pitfalls and challenges 
  • Detecting AI-generated content 
  • Applying journalistic best practices 

Bots and Cyborgs Identification Skills: 

  • Recognising bots and cyborgs 
  • Understanding how they spread disinformation 
  • Identifying common tactics used by bots and cyborgs 

Communication and audience engagement Skills: 

  • Understanding audience dynamics 
  • Crafting engaging narratives 
  • Ethical considerations in fact-checking communication
  • Practical tips for effectively communicating fact-checking findings to news audiences.


After completing the full Master Class of all four modules, you will be awarded an EBU Academy Certificate