Executive Programme


Learn to develop effective strategies for your organization

In the media industry, things move quickly and strategies have to be adapted to keep up. This change puts a great burden on top management resulting in consultants being recruited at great cost. The Executive Programme gives you the tools to make a difference at the highest strategic levels of your media organization. Learn to design winning strategies that will future-proof your own organization and help staff deliver their best.

The Executive Programme is a unique opportunity to engage with leaders from global media companies though lectures, case studies, workshops, simulations, and face-to-face meetings with leaders in their industry.

In the last years, we visited Netflix in Los Angeles and Vice News in New York. We also had guest speakers from the New York Times, Paramount Pictures, Maker Studio, Lionsgate, Twin Cities Public Television, Apax Partners.

Dates and venues

Module 1 at IESE Barcelona: 1 to 3 June 2022
Module 2 at UCLA: 12 to 16 September 2022
Module 3 at IESE New York: 31 October to 3 November 2022

Who it's for

This programme is intended for executives from media organizations who will develop future winning strategies and new visions

Ideal candidates should:

  • Have good working knowledge of English
  • Be Members of the executive committee, heads of a major business unit or senior functional heads
  • Have at least 10 years’ experience in a management position

Programme objectives

  • Acquire the skills to build and implement your broadcaster’s strategy for the future
  • Understand the latest major developments in media and discover new opportunities
  • Update your knowledge of brand management and platform strategy
  • Understand the importance of developing new business models
  • Develop leadership skills to drive innovation and change
  • Build an international network

Content outline

Content subject to updates

Module 1: A digital mindset (IESE Campus, Barcelona)

At a time when content is available instantly in so many formats, traditional media companies need to reinvent themselves. Producing the best content is no longer the sole factor for achieving success. Other issues are equally important in enabling a media company to stay relevant.

Main topics:

  • Latest trends in strategic business thinking
  • Platform strategy, social media, new competitors from the dot.com sector
  • Applying models to create value at each level of a service business

This module also addresses the necessity of executive health including exercise (physical movement), diet, stress management, mindfulness and sleep.

Module 2: A business mindset (UCLA Anderson Campus, Los Angeles)

In this module, we fully benefit from being in the world creative industry capital.

Special attention is paid to the need for media companies to manage their brand better than ever. It is now paramount to communicate on a broad web of platforms and devices.

This module also focuses on understanding your audience and finding new ways to reach it.

Main topics:

  • Understanding the specific needs of millennial customers
  • Discovering how media companies gain inspiration
  • Working on your leadership skills

Module 3: From thinking to action (IESE Campus, New York)

In this module, we take full advantage of being in the world capital of the news business. We also look at innovation from different perspectives and the way it will impact media companies.

Main topics:

  • Becoming an “Intrapreneur” to drive innovation inside your organization
  • Developing methods to visit your own future

What former participants said about the course

"It was a great experience! Inspiring, challenging, a very powerful journey through management and strategic skills, on a professional and personal level”
Steve Bonvin, Human Resources and Training Director, RTS

“The course helped me create the necessary strategic mindset needed for incorporating changes in the Public Service Media Company I work in”
Finus Tromp, Head of Interactive Media, Avrotros

“Great learning journey. Inspirational! I got new tools and a deeper understanding of the changing media landscape.”
Sabina Rasiwala, Director of HR and Communications, SVT