Free Online Learning Sessions: Sustainability Awareness

Free Online Learning Sessions: Sustainability Awareness


Session 1 - Starting the Journey

21 September 2021

It can be difficult to know where to start your sustainability journey. NRK established a project early autumn 2019. The main task was to make a holistic approach to the work with sustainability in the organisation. In this session, Hilde Thoresen,  Head of Environmental Sustainability, will share some learning points from the sustainability journey NRK has made so far.

Topics covered:

  • Make a baseline – a scientific starting point! Measure the carbon footprint from your organization and clarify what the main emission factors are (energy, material, travelling etc).
  • Identify where the organisation can make a difference. In what way can your organization contribute to a more sustainable community and world?
  • Involve key persons in you organizations in the process of making a sustainability strategy. They will become your best ambassadors!
  • Ensure that the top level management set targets for sustainability and that the targets are part of the overall corporate strategy.

Guest Speaker:

Hilde Thorensen,  Head of Environmental Sustainability at Norsk rikskringkasting (NRK)

Session 2 - What does good look like and creating a sustainable culture

30 September 2021

So what does good look like and how do we create a sustainable culture within an organisation? In this session, Danielle Mulder, Director of Sustainability at the BBC, will share some learning points from her journey on sustainability from other Sectors and what the BBC is actually doing. The session aims to provide practical advice with examples.

Topics covered:

  • Creating a sustainability strategy that is aligned to the editorial and business strategies. Some learnings on how to do this and Board engagement.
  • What does good look like?  What are the key success factors of getting this right?  Lessons learned.
  • Sustainability is technical!  Making it clear what’s needed in terms of skills, resources and investment required.
  • Bringing the organisation with you. How to engage stakeholders from the top-down and the bottom-up.
  • Providing some practical examples and case studies from other industries and leaders - on what’s worked and where to get help.

Session 3 - Green production

5 October 2021

We are now five years on from the historic Paris agreement, and as we approach the COP26 Conference in Glasgow later this year, many people see this as our last great chance to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Producers and Broadcasters must play their part, and ITV has committed to minimising its impact on the planet by setting out an ambitious Climate Action strategy. Philip Holdgate, Head of Production Sustainability at ITV Studios, will join faculty member Mark Egan to explain the need to design a clear strategy for Green Production:

  • Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • Zero waste by 2030 
  • 100% sustainable supply chain by 2030 
  • 100% environmentally trained staff and certified productions by 2021

They’ll discuss the ways this strategy can move forward and how to make the biggest shows with the smallest footprint.

Philip will explain how they promote and feature green initiatives on their shows:

  • If you can measure it, you can manage it - The importance of measuring your production's footprint
  • Technical innovation - Remote working and Cloud based solutions
  • Clean energy - LED lighting, clean Generators and zero emissions transport
  • Climate conversations - The powerful impact of talking to Cast, Crew and Suppliers

Finally, they'll explore ways to promote sustainability internally, externally and inclusively.