How to Use AI Tools to Make Impactful Explainer Videos


Join us for a deep dive into AI and how to use it in the explainer production process. This Master Class will reveal the many ways AI can enhance your workflow, from brainstorming ideas and generating titles to scripting and production.

The Master Class is delivered by Brendan Miller, who ran one of the EBU Academy’s best-attended courses of previous years, How to Make Impactful Explainers Videos. The original course taught participants how to develop engaging explainers that audiences want to watch without compromising on public service values.

In the first session, we’ll explore an array of AI tools, with a focus on ChatGPT, and demonstrate how they can be applied at different stages of production. A key to making the most of AI is experimenting and trying things out, so we’ll make time for practical exercises, including scripting a new explainer video.

The second and final session invites trainees to share their creations and explore the benefits and limitations of using AI in their work. A fully hands-on training for those who attended Brendan’s original course and for those who didn’t!

Who's it for

  • News editors
  • Digital journalists
  • Social media content producers
  • Any journalist or content maker curious about or working with AI

What will you Learn

  • Ways in which artificial intelligence can assist in the development and production of explainer videos.
  • Successful applications as well as current limitations.
  • A selection of AI tools you can use, including their terms of use.
  • How to practically use these tools.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Ideas - new angles on topics
  • Titles
  • Titles exercise - building a module
  • Scripting tools
  • Practice!
  • Feeding back

Day 2

  • Feeding back / sharing ideas
  • Practice!
  • Feeding back
  • Visuals
  • Feeding back
  • Wrap up & assessment


Between the two sessions, and in their own time, trainees will be asked to script a new explainer video using some of the tools presented on Day 1.


After completing the two sessions and practical exercises, trainees will be awarded an EBU Academy Certificate

Meet your faculty

Brendan Miller

Freelance film-maker

Brendan Miller is a filmmaker specialising in explainers and films about politics. He has produced films for The New York Times, the BBC and the Financial Times.

He is the author of the Video Ideas email list, designed to give video journalists and nonfiction filmmakers regular ideas and inspiration from different corners of the internet.