How to use Artificial Intelligence to produce high quality news


Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers numerous advantages to journalists, allowing them to automate a huge number of tasks in the news content production chain.  

In this e-Master Class, EBU Academy faculty member Mark Egan will provide the necessary theoretical framework to understand what is at stake for journalists and some practical tools needed when using artificial intelligence to support them in their newsroom verification and workflow.

Aimed at journalists and editors with little or no detailed knowledge of AI and its impact on news, this e-Master Class will offer four live virtual modules with the contribution of world-class experts so that trainees will gain the skills to begin using AI in their daily work.

Learning goals:

  • Understand AI technology and how it is impacting newsrooms
  • Help participants understand issues surrounding synthetic media, fake news and verification
  • Learn which tools are available to make newsrooms more effective for gathering, producing and sharing stories
  • Give clarity on how these approaches can be integrated into a newsroom workflow

Who it is for:

  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Newsroom managers
  • Strategists

Topics Covered:

DAY ONE - What is AI and how it can benefit your newsroom?

  • The essentials of how artificial intelligence and data works (datasets, training, neural networks, deep learning, etc).
  • The functions of newsrooms - research, retrieve, store, validate, produce, share
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Guest speakers Alexandre Rouxel from EBU and Are Tveberg from TV2.

DAY TWO - Using AI to verify information

  • Why we need to track the origin of data to verify its validity
  • AI tools to detect fake video and photographs
  • AI tools for assessing and verifying text and detecting synthetic audio
  • Tools to help you assess data
  • Guest speaker Tom van de Weghe from VRT

DAY THREE - AI tools for faster research and organizing content

  • Using speech to text tools Using AI for 'big data'
  • AI to make better use of archives

DAY FOUR - AI for producing and sharing content

  • AI for editing automatic content creation
  • AI for understanding your audience
  • Synthetic media to enrich storytelling
  • The future possibilities of AI


Monday 11 October 2021 - 2pm to 4pm CEST
Tuesday 12 October 2021 - 2pm to 4pm CEST
Wednesday 13 October 2021 - 2pm to 4pm CEST
Thursday 14 October 2021 - 2pm to 4pm CEST

Skills learnt:

Archives: Using AI to understand, enhance and share archive
Artificial Intelligence: The technology, tools and uses of AI
Audience needs: How AI supports personalisation and audience data
Data journalism: Using AI and machine learning to make sense of data
Digital newsgathering: How to use AI to find stories and verify authenticity
Editorial skills: Learn how AI technology changes editorial workflows
Innovation: Understand the tools and opportunities of AI technology
Strategy: Learn how to add AI into strategic newsroom decisions.