Innovate: How to spot emerging trends to drive change as a PSM

Innovate: How to spot emerging trends to drive change as a PSM


In today's rapidly evolving landscape, public service media (PSM) organizations must navigate the post-broadcast era and seek to improve their contribution to society beside embracing new content consumption methods and exploring interactive opportunities for audience engagement. By looking for emerging trends,  you get to pick up the first signs of change and leverage that insight to innovate on several horizons simultaneously. This course provides a comprehensive exploration of anticipatory Innovation, empowering participants to anticipate emerging trends, identify opportunity spaces, and drive meaningful change in the public service media domain.

The course is highly hands-on, engaging participants in the intersection of design thinking and futures thinking to provide strategic guidance, create new solutions, assess innovation portfolios, and foster innovation capability. You learn to understand how anticipation can strengthen innovation from three different perspectives:

  • Strategist Role: Creating visions, providing strategic guidance, consolidating opinions, assessing & repositioning innovation portfolios, fostering innovation capability.
  • Innovator’s Role: Early identification of new needs, technologies, and competitor concepts.
  • Opponent’s Role: Challenging basic assumptions, scanning for disruptions, and ensuring robust innovation strategies.

The masterclass is your gateway to seize future opportunities for help develop better public service media for the future. Join us to become a leader in driving innovation, creating value for your organization and the broader media landscape.

Who it's for

  • Innovation Managers
  • Business Developers
  • Strategy & Policy Advisors
  • User/Audience Engagement Specialists
  • Managers of Content, Platforms, Products or Programs
  • Potentially also Transformation/Change Managers

Skills learnt

  • Innovation leadership: Develop the skills to lead innovation efforts, from understanding emerging trends to implementing and learning from innovative solutions.
  • Trend analysis: Anticipate emerging trends and understand their impact on the media landscape through a comprehensive Trend Impact Analysis.
  • Opportunity identification: Crack the code of existing and future problems, identify innovation fields, and prototype concepts that address user needs.
  • Solution development: Learn to develop and validate solutions, ensuring they align with organizational goals and present and future user expectations.
  • Innovation roadmapping: Create and implement innovation roadmaps by deriving insights from customers, maturing opportunities, and leveraging organizational culture for success.

Course objectives

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of how anticipation and forward-thinking drives innovation strategy and practice.
  • Acquire the ability to anticipate emerging developments and identify innovation fields in advance.
  • Learn the value proposition design and rapid testing for opportunity maturation and concept development.
  • Understand the iterative nature of anticipatory innovation, responding to the future as it unfolds.
  • Cultivate a foresight mindset and develop organizational resilience through anticipatory innovation.


Day 1: from 14.00 to 17.00

Day 2: from 9.00 to 17.00

Programme Outline

Module 1: Create meaningful change through innovation

  • Essentials of innovation: Understanding the core principles and forces shaping innovation in the public service media sector.
  • Forces shaping change: Introduction to the key drivers and influencers of change in the media landscape.
  • Meaningful change with Anticipatory Innovation. Exploring how to create meaningful change combining and inside view with an outside view, and how anticipatory innovation contributes to it.

Module 2: Anticipate emerging trends

  • Discovering trends and developments. Exploring current and emerging trends in media consumption and technology both through engaging group exercises and with the help of software and AI.
  • Trend Impact Analysis. Applying a systematic approach to understand the impact of trends on the public service media sector.

Module 3: Identify opportunity spaces and prototype innovation concepts

  • Identifying innovation fields. Recognizing areas with potential for innovation within media and technology.
  • Cracking the code of problems and user needs. Analyzing existing and future challenges and understanding user needs, both with a present-day lense looking to customers and through futures personas
  • Prototyping concepts. Hands-on experience in developing prototypes that address identified user needs and challenges. With the use of LEGO Serious Play and Thing from the Future.

Module 4: Develop and validate solutions

  • Solution development process. Navigating the process of iteratively developing solutions and making sure they align with organizational goals.
  • Validation techniques. Methods for validating and refining solutions through user feedback and testing.

Module 5: Innovation roadmap

  • Maturing opportunities. Strategies for maturing innovation opportunities into actionable initiatives.
  • Leveraging organizational culture for success. Integrating innovation into the organizational culture for sustained success.


Meet your faculty

Mathias Behn Bjørnhof

Futurist & Founder, ANTICIPATE

Mathias Behn Bjørnhof, founder of ANTICIPATE, is a leading expert in strategic foresight. With a background in innovation and a deep understanding of emerging trends, Mathias empowers organizations and individuals to thrive in an ever-changing world by guiding Fortune 500 companies, international institutions, and SMEs towards future readiness. As an experienced teacher in strategic foresight and anticipatory innovation, Mathias is dedicated to equipping business leaders with the skills to adapt to shifting paradigms, create meaningful change, and shape the future.