Mastering AI Tools in Adobe Premiere


The integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies in video and audio editing applications is a game-changer for media professionals. This Mini Master Class focuses on the AI-powered functionalities of one of the most widely used application, Adobe Premiere Pro.

The course has been designed to help content creators and video editors best leverage the AI tools to enhance the quality and creativity of their video content while streamlining their production workflow.

The training is highly practical: following a quick presentation in a plain and simple language, participants can practice each functionality together with the trainer. To that end, a few days before the course, participants receive access to two folders including exercises as well as a reference guide, which is theirs to keep for future reference and practice.

The course also makes sure to assess functionalities with regards to the EBU relevant recommendations for examples, EBU R-132 and the EBU R-128 on video & audio quality and formats.

Who is it for

  1. Video editors
  2. Content creators
  3. Journalists
  4. Media professionals who want to learn how to best leverage AI tools

What you will learn

  • Create rough cuts faster with Text-Based Editing

- How to edit faster than real time using any spoken source, within the available 18 languages and dialects

- Trainees will automatically or manually generate the transcript from the clips and test the various functionalities of the Text-Based editing mode (Speech to text, Captions…)

  • Automatically reframe videos with Auto Reframe

- How to automatically reframe video sequences for Social Media.

- Trainees will change a traditional sequence by using the Auto Reframe Sequence tool, that automatically creates a new vertical aspect ratio sequence.

  • Audio mixing with Auto Ducking

- How to speed up the audio mixing and ensure a quality process while balancing audio levels and managing audio plugins.

- Trainees will experiment with the tool which can help deliver broadcast quality audio mixes while fixing the most common problems in sound, maintaining the EBU Loudness Recommendation R-128

  • Save time et be consistent with Auto Color and Color Match

- How to comply with broadcast video levels and picture continuity while improving the overall look of your footage in a time-saving and efficient manner.

- Trainees will experiment making basic corrections like exposure, contrast, and white balance to deliver a pristine footage that meets EBU recommendations on HDTV.

  • Other AI-Powered tools on Adobe Premiere Pro


Exercises are built up in the course to allow trainees to test the tools live. To easily follow the functionalities covered at each stage of the course, trainees will be granted access to sequentially numbered folders, named with the corresponding tool or tools, in Adobe Premiere Projects. These exercises are at an almost finished stage, requiring the use of only one tool. The Media Files codec will be H.264, making it compatible in all systems and easier to download.  

Equipment needed 

A laptop/PC with a license for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Creative Cloud apps for individuals and Acrobat offer a 7-day free trial.

Meet your faculty

Rui Barros


Working in post-production since 1993, I’ve been witnessing the changes of a demanding but also highly creative industry. From tape to file, the passion for the emotional power of video and audio made me cross the Atlantic to learn more in the USA. By looking at the future while enjoying the present, I have been working on and leading the most complex projects of the RTP, such as the NOS ALIVE Music Festival, or designing editing networks and workflows.