Preparing Your Move to Live IP TV Production


This certified e-Master Class has been designed to support EBU Members in their transition to a full Live IP production environment. The course gives a high-level strategic and technology overview on the issue. It also provides an excellent opportunity for EBU Members to bring together IT and broadcast specialists around a common understanding of the key developments and challenges and benchmark their own state of play. The content of the course undergoes constant review to ensure that participants are brought up to date with the latest standards, implementations and market trends. It includes online demonstrations on Media Networks Lab, IP & multicast lab and PTP Lab.

Who it's for:

  • Chief technology officers, project managers
  • Planning engineers, system and network designers and architects
  • Broadcast and network engineers involved in developing their broadcaster's production platform
  • AV technicians and engineers with either an IT or broadcast technology background in need to complement their knowledge

Skills learnt:

  • Innovation: Keys to understanding the latest technology developments, with a special highlight on interoperability, monitoring, troubleshooting & security issues.
  • Live IP Production: Characteristics of networks for media. State of play regarding existing standards and current standardization efforts.
  • Strategy: Challenges and possible strategies for a transition to Live-IP facilities

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Live IP production & the EBU Technology pyramid 
  • Media Transport over IP networks
  • Audio over IP for TV production
  • SMPTE 2110 including live demonstration
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) including demonstration
  • Networks for Live IP including demonstration
  • The control plane including demonstration
  • What about security?
  • EBU Pyramid and TR - 1001
  • The JT-NM tested programme

Programme Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Live IP Production & the EBU technology

Module 2: Media Transport Over IP Networks

Module 3: Audio Over IP

Module 4: SMPTE 2110

Module 5: Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Module 6: The control plane

Module 7: Networks for Live IP

Module 8: What about security?

Module 9: EBU Pyramid and TR - 1001 and JT-NM tested programme


Following a blended learning format, this course combines live sessions with content accessible through the EBU Academy Learning platform which trainees can study at their own pace. It will include text and video presentations as well as quizzes.

Live sessions on Zoom: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 12:30pm CEST to facilitate learning and discussion.

Useful Resources

LIST is a collaboratively developed suite of software tools that helps to inspect, measure, and visualize the state of IP-based networks and the high-bitrate media traffic they carry. These are crucial functions in environments that deliver production capacities based on flexible and scalable IP-based infrastructures. Find out more here.


After completing the 9 modules, you will be awarded an EBU Academy Certificate

Meet your faculty

Ievgen Kostiukevych

Project manager, Media production over IP Networks, EBU Technology & Innovation, Geneva

Ievgen Kostiukevych is the member of EBU Technology & Innovation team.

He is working on topics of Media over IP with a shift into Audio over IP topics, AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30 interoperability challenges.
He has 8 years of experience in broadcasting and sound production industry, including experience in change management, solutions architecture and AoIP integration.

Ievgen is a member of SMPTE and AES.

Pedro Ferreira

Software Developer, Trainer and Consultant, Portugal

Pedro is a Software Developer, Trainer and Consultant, with over 20 years of experience in the broadcasting industry.

Pedro started his career as a researcher at INESC and then became one of the founders of MOG Technologies, where he worked for 15 years, most of which as the CTO. He led the development of many innovative products, such as the MXF::SDK and mxfSPEEDRAIL, as well as several bespoke projects.

He has also been actively involved in standardisation and EU research projects since he started his career.

He is a member of the Eurovision Academy faculty, where he has trained over 200 people in subjects like MXF, File-based workflows and Live-IP.

Pedro has an MSc in Telecommunications and Computers.

Willem Vermost

Manager Design & Engineering, VRT

Willem Vermost recently moved to VRT as Design & Engineering Manager. Prior to this role, he was the subject lead of the transition to IP-based studios at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). With 20 years of experience in broadcast, he is an expert and project manager of international strategic, expert groups and events. Willem has a master in electrical engineering and a master in applied computer science. He worked on several projects, including the multi-award winning VRT Live IP proof of concepts, the JT-NM Tested Program. He acted as deputy in the JT-NM admin board and the AWMA board of directors. As a faculty member of the EBU Academy, he provides training on the transition to live IP-based media facilities and is passionate about the underlying mechanisms of IP-based media. Willem started the open-source project EBU Live IP Software Toolkit project (LIST) which has grown into an international project.