Sustaining Executive Performance


Better executive health drives business performance and a stronger society. For the experienced manager as well as manager in training, business school professor and executive coach Steven MacGregor helps you leverage this truth in your life and your business.

Steven MacGregor shares breakthrough insights and techniques he's honed through years of working with thousands of top executives worldwide. He reveals the profound connections between living a healthier, happier, and more productive life, and improving your organization on metrics ranging from innovation to resilience.

Content outline

In a 3-hour interactive workshop, we will first establish the foundations of sustainable performance and self-management. We start with resilience and specifically the mindset required to thrive in the midst of turbulence, knowing how to better allocate energy. Next, we look at the science of recovery, which allows high performers to recharge before moving forward with renewed vigor. Finally, we look at rhythm, which shows people how to identify their own pattern of sustaining performance and a clearer view on what type of work to do when. We provide a set of concrete tools and tactics from which individuals can choose for their own operating system.

The second main part of the workshop looks at habits. If it wasn’t for habits we wouldn’t get much done in our day. Habits save us time and save us energy. But we pay a price – we give power away. This session is about regaining power and control over our behavior, especially valuable for those with experience who can be tempted to work in ‘auto-pilot.’ With greater awareness comes a greater ability to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and maintain performance. The session will provide a strong impulse towards action and experimentation, and help leaders define behaviors that will drive better team culture.

Who it’s for

  • Any professional facing a high level of pressure.

We highly recommend to pair this master class together with The Culture Map: Working across Cultures with a Global Mindset for only 950€ (total value 1200€)