TikTok And News


TikTok reaches 40% of 18-24 year olds according to the newly published Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Digital News Report 2022. Furthermore it reports that 15% of this age group use the network to get news. Thus it has become a useful tool for public media to connect with young people about our world. It explains why 61% of EBU members have said they are looking to increase their work on the platform.

The EBU Academy’s e-Master Class on TikTok and News is now in its seventh edition and it shares a full framework of tips and drawn lessons from the community of journalists working to tell stories in creative new ways using the platform. Their learnings feed into our class and in this edition, we welcome guest speakers from ORF who are working on the platform. 

Faculty Member Justin Kings explores what works in terms of TikTok storytelling for news and how to use it to gain trust from younger audiences.

Who it is for

  • Digital and social media editors
  • Digital and social media producers
  • News editors
  • News journalists and producers

Please note that a prerequisite for this e-Master Class is a basic understanding of how to use TikTok.


Day 1 – Seizing the opportunities and meeting the challenges

  • What are the opportunities for PSM news and information on TikTok? 
  • How to build trust with young audiences on TikTok
  • What are the challenges for PSM using TikTok?  

Day 2 – Building a TikTok strategy

  • What are the key planks of a TikTok strategy? 
  • Leaning lessons from Tagesschau and NOS Stories
  • Guest speakers, ORF

Day 3 – Creating engaging TikTok content

  • The TikTok algorithm and the CATS model
  • Learning lessons from engaging content, including the work of Max Foster, CNN
  • Watching the TikTok projects prepared by trainees

Skills Learnt

Audience Insight: Grasp the specificities of TikTok format to reach new news audiences
Editorial: How to respond to the challenges that TikTok poses
Social Media: The key opportunities that TikTok provides and how to start to seize on them
Storytelling: How to create engaging topical TikTok News content
Strategy: How to build a TikTok strategy for news and current affairs

Guest Speakers

Two previous participants on the eMaster Class return to share what they have learned from starting news TikTok accounts.

Justine Hermans is the face of RTBF's @miseajour and she will explain how she has developed four defined content formats.

Isabelle Schawb has developed @srfnews and she will outline how she recruited and works with 17 and 19 year olds to become the faces of their account. 


Between sessions and in their own time, trainees will be asked to practice their skills by working in groups to produce a TikTok story (total time needed will be one to one and a half hours). 

While we encourage trainees to take up the chance to practice what they’ve learned, we understand it may not always be possible because of other commitments outside the e-Master Class. If this is the case, please discuss this with the trainer.


Tuesday: 10am to 12:30pm CET
Wednesday: 10am to 12:30pm CET
Thursday: 10am to 12:30pm CET

Equipment Needed

TikTok app on mobile device