Working in Natural Disasters in Europe


In 2023, a third of Europe’s rivers exceeded the “high” flood threshold, 16% broke the “severe” flood marker*. 44 people are estimated to have died in floods in Europe last year, according to estimates by the International Disaster Database.

Out of all the continents, Europe’s heating up the fastest at twice the average rate globally. The same number of people, 44, are thought to have died in wildlifes in 2023 with another 63 lost in storms.

Sadly, extreme weather events are set to become part of our normal, meaning more journalists may find themselves in danger reporting on floods, storms or wildfires.

This new course aims to keep such reporters safe. Designed for those who manage staff deployments to Natural Disasters and deployable staff to engage with the understanding of the characteristics of Natural Disasters to aid with planning and preparedness, and promote safe operating procedures.

*Source: ‘Europe experiences widespread flooding and severe heatwaves in 2023’ by Copernicus, part of the EU’s space programme, which looks across our life on Earth.

What you will learn

  • How to identify and measure the risks whilst working in a range of different natural disasters
  • How to profile the geographically appropriate disaster characteristics to identify impact and effect and how to stay safe
  • How to select the correct personal and team equipment, carrying options and impact on your transport and travel planning.
  • Highlight specialist equipment appropriate for disaster type and discuss balance of personal & work equipment needs
  • Identifying travel planning and transportation challenges
  • Consider equipment to meet communications & power issues


Meet your faculty

Jacqui Gavin


Jacqui brings with her 18+ years of military logistic and supply chain experience, with the addition of a second career in Humanitarian First Response with UK Government and International NGO including earthquakes, cyclone, and hurricane response.  

She has managed deployable staff on mission, been on mission herself, and managed the need for expeditionary supplies & equipment for staff as well as humanitarian aid deliveries.   

Jacqui acts as a representative of RPS Partnership who provide specialist training services to a range of multinational clients to give you peace of mind in our challenging world especially those working in fragile, hostile, conflict and post conflict countries.